Help UC Davis with the California Backyard Poultry Census


If you’re a California backyard chicken enthusiast the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and Cooperative Extension has a short survey they’d like you to fill out. The purpose of the survey is to get an estimate of how many backyard flocks are out there and, “bridge the communication gap between poultry experts and backyard poultry enthusiasts.” The survey is confidential and contact info will only be used for educational purposes.

Last year I was the beneficiary of some of that education when I attended a seminar co-hosted by UC Davis Veterinary Medicine. Among other things, I can thank those avian vets for ending my chicken coop mouse problem. So consider filling out the survey. It’s a good deed of citizen science and you’ll get some useful advice in return.

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  1. I’m not in California but I’d like to know how you ended your chicken coop mouse problem. We don’t have a huge problem but the mice are still there – that’s what the dogs tell us!

    • Karen–that will be the subject of my next blog post. In short, it was simple. I put the food away at night in a rodent-proof container. I’ll fill in the details soon.

  2. Thanks, I already do that but I think there’s other food available in the garden (fruits) too. I’ll wait to read your next blog post. Thanks again!

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