Picture Sundays: Culver Billy


Culver City (where I grew up) has a demented recycling mascot, a trash eating goat. And Culver High has an equally strange mascot:

I’m thinking Culver City should combine the two to create a faun that eats soda cans and cheers on the high school football team.

Is this a thing? Does your city have a trash eating goat or herd of centaurs?

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  1. In Livermore, CA we get frequent reminders from “Binny” the green yard waste receptacle, that he (or maybe she) just can’t get enough of our pizza boxes, paper plates, chinese food boxes and other soiled food containers. One reminder showed Binny at the head of a table chowing down on a cardboard box while the family looked on in amazement.

    It is a convenience to be able to recycle these items into municipal compost, but I would not use that compost myself because God only knows what else is in it.

    • I agree–you have to be careful about municipal compost. A friend of mine had LA’s compost tested and it had a lot of heavy metals in it.

  2. In Spokane, WA we have a trash eating goat that is left over from the 1974 Expo (World’s Fair), the theme of the Fair was ecology. The iron goat sculpture will suck in trash that is fed to it. I believe the local Iron Goat Brewery was named after the trash eating goat.

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