Happy Holiday Weekend!


It’s a holiday weekend in the US, meaning that, with the exception of our international readers, few people are checking the blog. You’re either gardening, brewing beer, burning a large effigy in the desert or constructing a giant wall around San Francisco.

Down in LA? We’re sleeping with the cats.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the giant wall link…it gave us a good laugh. We’re just hanging with the cats, too. We all love Labor Day in our house, since not a single thing is expected of us on this holiday!


  2. Whenever I see two cats sleeping like that, I wonder “how long ’til either bathing/biting starts?”

    But a super sweet picture!

    • They were bathing and snuggling all day long–but no biting. Strange, I know, because the biting does follow. I don’t know where all the romance came from that particular day. Now they’re ignoring one another, sleeping on opposite ends of the house.

  3. I wake with at least two of my three boys snuggled up together near my head. They seem to think the big bed is theirs during the day. The oldest is 17, and has no shame.

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