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This week Kelly and I interview Brad Barnes and Jenn Collins of the blog The Dew Abides-their mantra is: simple living doesn’t have to be boring. Jenn and Brad live in Columbus, Georgia. During our conversation we talk about decluttering, taking care of elderly parents, living on a food stamp budget and much more. Jenn and Brad reference:

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  2. Great podcast. Regarding the Christmas gifts we did a similar thing about 5 years ago when gift giving became us sending gift cards and getting a whole bunch of them back. Also we found that we were getting much higher amounts back from some because they have a higher income but we couldn’t match that. So what did was say lets not exchange gift cards but when we see each other we’ll go for dinner instead. We all live a long ways a part so we only see each other once a year or every few years. We each pay our own way so that means if one couple wants to order the more expensive meals and the other not as much we can without feeling like we’re spending too much.

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