Learn to Spin!

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Want to learn how to use a drop spindle? Or how to spin? Our friend Anne Schwartz is teaching some classes this month at the Keystone Art Space on San Fernando Road.

In this fun two-hour class you will learn the basics of spinning yarn on a drop spindle, and will receive your own spindle and fiber to keep!

This is a great way to start spinning because you’ll learn the basics – drafting fiber, adding twist and plying yarn – in a way that can be easily controlled, and using an inexpensive tool! Even if your goal is to spin on a spining wheel, you will learn skills and principles that will also be used on your wheel!

In addition to drop spinning, Anne offers private one-on-one spinning lessons.

For more information, check out her website spinnerscircle.com.

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  1. For anyone living outside of the Los Angeles area, an excellent way to tap into fiber knowledge is to go to a sheep and wool festival – they’re everywhere. In 2002, I attended one and found a fiber arts group in my local area where I learned to spin wool and crochet and where I help teach newbies to knit and make lace. Our group welcomes anyone who does any kind of fiber art – and we serve cake.

    Since we’re a fairly small group, we can schedule lots of field trips during the summer and fall; we (and our husbands) attend loads of old-time-skills kind of festivals, of which there are many in our part of the country.

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