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The Root Simple Podcast is on “Spring Break” while we work on some critical infrastructure around the compound. In other words, I failed to book guests and I’ve got a lot of repairs to do on our old house. We’ll return next week with our regularly scheduled program.

I thought I’d use this break as an excuse to remind you that we’d love to get some listener questions via our Google Voice number: (213) 537-2591. Call us and leave a question, comment or conundrum. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I have a question for the podcast. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about things made by human hands, vs things made by automated machine, and what we surround ourselves with. When you look around your homestead, how much of what you see was made by hand? How much was blurped out of a machine with no need for a person to shape it? Do you think that it makes a difference to the essential “soul” of a home or of the people who live there?

    I think it does. I think we give up some small but essential part of our humanity to be completely surrounded by machine-made things. Some such things are necessary, but maybe we should be trying to strike more of a balance, for various reasons. Anyway, food for thought. Thanks!

  2. I already left you a comment on a podcast idea – solar cooking. I just bought a sun oven but I work and I’m not sure what to start with that i can leave out all day until I get home from work. Do you have/use a solar oven? If so, what do you cook it in and where should a newbie start? or what other ways do you cook outside of the kitchen?

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