031 New Year’s Resolutions

vintage new years postcard

On the last podcast of the year, we review our 2014 New Year’s resolutions (Erik’s and Kelly’s)–what worked and what didn’t. Then we look at the goals we’d like to achieve in 2015. Lastly, we head out into the backyard to see the secret project Erik has been working on while Kelly was away for Christmas.

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  1. Definitely feel the same way you guys do about Facebook. Its hard to not use it.

    Regarding internet addiction I started about 2 months ago charging my phone in a different room that the bedroom. That meant I can’t look at before going to bed or first thing. It’s taken time but slowly I’ve been able to (most days) not even look at it until I’m done breakfast and about to head to work.

    At the same time I took off notifications for all but text messages. I check my e-mail at certain times of the day and (try to) only look at Facebook and Twitter in the evening. I set 30-45 minutes a night for these and catching up on news (using Feedly to bring all my RSS together).

    It takes time and effort but its worth not being constantly looking at device!

  2. How about starting a Root Simple FB group? That way discussions can take place between members about the topics you present in your blog/podcast while steering clear of any perceived promotional faux-pas.

    • Hi Maggie, That’s a great idea. I have a Facebook page for the website but I’m thinking a group would be better to allow more back and forth discussions.

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