Yard Panther

black cat

Phoebe, our heart-challenged kitty, is still doing really well, against all odds. I almost don’t want to say anything to jinx it. She’s glossy and sturdy and full of beans. Today we celebrate with a picture of her.

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  1. Funny thing, I have a yard panther that looks just like her. Beautiful Phoebe! So glad she is doing well. I have had cats with with various problems and I was advised to put them down but I did not and they gave me many more years of pleasure with their continued playfulness and happy spirits.

  2. Oh! when I saw her picture there I thought the worst and my heart missed a beat.
    I am so glad to hear she is still doing well. Cats are magical.

  3. sweet kitty!

    She looks remarkably healthy despite her condition. You must be looking after her very well 🙂

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