Saturday Linkages: Ducks, Bikes and Body Care

Bare-chested Russian orders ducks to attention, marches them into barn

Journey Around Copenhagen’s Latest Bicycle Innovations!

This is exactly why we make our own body care products:

The Flying Tortoise: The P-Tree. For When He’s There And Has To Go…

The Flying Tortoise: Wolfgang Feierbach’s Amazing 1960’s Futuristic Psy…

The Myth of Progress – A C-Realm conversation about cognitive dissonance with the ArchDruid, John Michael Greer!

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  1. People yelling in Russian always sound authoritative, especially when they’re shirtless.

    Years ago, I was an English conversation partner for a group of adult Russian immigrants – one of the most enjoyable jobs I’ve ever had. We met each week at one woman’s apartment; once when I arrived a little early, I heard her in the bedroom carrying on a spirited conversation, in Russian, with someone. Turned out it was her parakeet. The darn bird spoke with a flawless accent, too.

  2. Holy cow! I’ve fallen into the John Michael Greer vortex! I’ve been reading your past Thoughtstylings, seen his name a bunch of times and finally googled. Yesterday I cleaned house while listening to James H. Kunstler interview J.M.G. I’m not sure what to do first, but shouting Russian at ducks might be a place to start.

  3. Bare-chested Russian? I thought Putin had been up to something crazy. That video frightened me at first. The ducks seemed to recoil at first. Of course, maybe it was the horrid night I had. Now, does anyone speak Russian to translate?

  4. ha! to the ducks! i grew up next to a farm and there was a period around the time when i was 7 or 8 when the fence between the farm and our neighborhood kept getting breached by the animals. once we had a dozen cows milling around in the street, until louis (the farmer) drove up in his truck. as soon as the cows caught sight of the truck they immediately got into single file on the side of the road, like oh crap, dad’s here. louis got out of his truck, lowered the back gate, and pointed inward and the cows climbed on board. it was super impressive.

  5. I keep forgetting the fact that the every-day cycling we do over here in the Netherlands can be regarded as strange, or even exciting, by others. What is so special about the Danish ‘snake bridge’? Is it the idea that a bridge can be built for cyclists only, or perhaps that there’s a government out there who invests in cycling? And how functional is the snake-shape?

    A few years ago they’ve built a ‘floating cyclist roundabout’ (“Hovenring”) in our neighbourhood, to help cyclists safely cross a busy traffic point. I actually was very impressed about how much thought they’ve put into this (you can see how they’ve kept in mind both cyclists AND car drivers – there are LEDs fixed under the circle) and how beautiful they’ve made it look.


    I have lived a couple of months in LA before, and couldn’t help but wonder… all those spacious streets, surely it wouldn’t be hard to incorporate some proper (= protected from vehicles, NOT mere paint!) bike lanes? Make cities bike friendly, and use taxes levied on gas to pay for it (our fuel costs approximately 10 usd/gallon).

    • We definitely need protected bike lanes here! They get a lot of resistance, though. I think what we need here is a program to send Americans to the Netherlands for a visit. If people here could only see and experience the sensible and pleasant layout of Dutch towns, I think things would change much more quickly.

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