Saturday Linkages: Bike Racks, Sugary Drinks and . . . CATS!!!!


Krokig £3 bike rack – IKEA Hackers

One-Day Protected Bike Lane Demos Have Swept America this Summer

Sugary drinks are hiding under a ‘health halo’

Architecture meets horses–ACE Center builds an environment for learning at Taking the Reins

Setting the Record Straight on the Legality of Seed Libraries (via )

DIY Hidden Cat Ladder:

Vintage viral cat photo: via

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  1. This comment refers to the seedbank link:

    I say nuts to the law! Share seeds wildly and freely–as nature does. If everyone thumbed their nose at the ridiculous legislation regarding patenting organisms, the federal or state/provincial governments (whoever is responsible in your part of the world) would have to take a second look at these laws, wouldn’t they? They can’t throw every private gardener into jail–can they?

    It makes me think of a book I read recently: “Underminers: a practical guide for radical change” by Keith Farnish. It isn’t any easy book to read, and many of his suggestions could be seen as illegal, but there are still useful ideas contained within it. You can read it online at

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