Saturday Linkages: Life on a Boat, Nature and the Bicycle Lobby

Twenty Eight Feet – Life On A Little Wooden Boat: 

Why Nature Lovers Should Live Apart From Nature 

Shinrin-yoku: “Forest Bathing” — I’ve always done it, but only now do I find out that it’s a thing in Japan. …

Tracing Sriracha’s Origin to a Seaside Town in Thailand …

Rio de Janeiro puts QR codes in its mosaic pavements | via @Telegraph

Back pain: Acetaminophen no better than placebos …

Kitchen island turned custom bar – IKEA Hackers 

Satirical “Bicycle Lobby” Twitter Account Fakes Out Media Giants …

“To be is to interrogate the labyrinth of a question that contains no answer. ” Edmond Jabès

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  1. Anytime that I have been advised to take acetaminophen, I always make a point of saying that to me, it is absolutely worthless for relieving pain.

    • Agree–for me, for any sort of pain, it just doesn’t work. Ibuprofen is my placebo of choice.

  2. I enjoyed the life on a boat video. I found his gratitude and contentment contagious. Life is good!

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