Saturday Linkages: Dystopian Knitwear, Green Tomatoes and Drought


Great Moments in Dystopian Knitwear

Animals as the answer to recycling food waste: …

A Food Has an Historic, Objectionable Name. Should We Change It? 

How good are we at transportation prediction?

Green Tomatoes: Not Just for Frying

Why the modern bathroom is a wasteful, unhealthy design

Re-imagining Parking Spaces as Micro-Apartments …

At Tour de France, Safety Concerns Arise About Selfies

Couple Threatened With Fine For Brown Lawn Even As State Gripped In Drought 

One drought buster for the entire city of LA: …

RAST Bike Wall Mount – IKEA Hackers 

How To: Make a Modern, Trough-Style Concrete Planter: …

Scientific Heretic Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Fields, Psychic Dogs and Other Mysteries …

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  1. The knitted sweater in the hunger games movie is now a popular fashion item. The knitting pattern is available on the knitting forum I frequent.
    I love to knit,as I say, it isn’t a hobby it’s a skill set for the zombie apocalypse. When the world collapses at least my family will have knitted hats and socks

    • I always see all of the torn sweaters etc and think, who’s going to fix that? One of the things about knitting its a slippery slope. I’m teaching myself to spin!

  2. What on earth will I do with my red sweaters? Drag them through the dirt? Will my black sweaters seem too far on the dark side?

    Google “green tomato pie.” This is one Southerner who cannot stand fried green tomatoes. However, I will cook them. When I make cornbread, I leave some batter and clean the bowl with green tomato slices.

  3. When I bought this house built in 1902, the elderly son of the original owner/builder mentioned something about the sewage and pointed off across my yard. That was in 1977. In 1992 I went to the basement and discovered almost six inches of water.

    The plumber told me none of the graywater went to the sewer. Only the commodes were attached to the sewer lines. Soooo, I had to pay to have all water diverted to the sewer. It seems my washer, kitchen and 2 bath sinks, and 2 tubs all emptied into a pipe from house across the back of my yard but eventually filled or collapsed, filling the basement. I rarely went down there, hence the almost six inches of water in a very large basement!

    There was always a deeper green line in the grass, greener than elsewhere. The water ran right under the muscadine. The owner planned for the grapes to be watered. I should have planted tomatoes along that greener line.

    The commode in the downstairs was originally on a back porch, part of which was later enclosed with the original pipes for the bathroom now. The bathroom is so small that I can sit on the commode, lean my head on the tub or use the cast iron tub to rise AND I can wash my hands while still seated. A taller person’s knees will bump the end of the tub. Somewhere in the backyard are the remains of an outhouse, used for about 20 years.

  4. We recently moved off grid, I actually think our very modern composting toilet is nifty.I think if people realized that imposing toilets have come a long ways from being an out house they may ( I can hope right?) change their minds.

    We also have a similar system as the park in India that we have been using for several years.It takes us up to 6 weeks to fill the smallest garbage can the company offers.It can be done at home!

  5. Thanks for the memories with the link to Dusty’s Dagos! Dagos from Dusty’s are absolutely fantastic. I lived in and about Nordeast Mpls for years and never thought about the political incorrectness of the name. Neither did any of the other 100’s of Italians that lived in Nordeast. Nordeast is a fabulous diverse neighborhood. It has the best Mexican restaurant in town. It’s home to the Holy Land bakery that has been making pita and humus since 1985. Just a few blocks away from Dusty’s is Delmonico’s Italian Foods that’s been in the same location, run by the same family since 1929. For years it was the only place in the Twin Cities you could get real provolone, olive oil, or prosciutto. Also among the best bar/restaurants in Mpls is Nye’s Polonaise Room famous for its pierogis, cabbage rolls, martinis, and for 45 years, Lou Snider at piano bar. It’s a great neighborhood.

  6. There was a show in the 1980s called Beauty and The Beast which featured an intentional community of tunnel dwellers beneath New York city. Their wardrobe had a very consistent look: lots of layers, knits, earth colors.

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