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  1. I love old advertising. So many of the pre-WWII ads tell a story like this one, and in contrast to adverts on the TV now, it’s clear what the product is. It makes me feel kind of stupid to watch a contemporary TV commercial and have only the faintest idea what’s being sold.

    It’s my theory that in the not-so-distant past, advertising was intended to inform and enlighten potential customers of the uses and advantages of a product. I like that. Now ads are all about how you will feel in/on/with a product. Never mind whether or not you actually need what’s being sold, we’re all buying emotion.

    I sound like my grandmother.

    • I thought I was probably the only person who could not figure out what was being sold. There was an interesting radio spot for a festival. However, the only time the location, city and state, was mentioned must have been in the first two words.

  2. I was wondering what Certo is. Turns out it’s fruit pectin, and makes the juice ‘jell’ (as in Jello). And,
    amazingly enough, it looks like this product is still sold today!

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