Picture Sundays: A Square Toilet

Photo: Bill Wheelock.

Photo: Bill Wheelock.

When I was unable to attend this year’s Dwell Magazine convention I asked my friend and neighbor Bill Wheelock to make sure and get a photo of any square toilets he might see for the Root Simple blog. Thank you Bill!

Don’t worry, I’m not pondering dropping $1,000 on a square toilet. But, thanks to my curiosity about this modernist design phenomenon, square toilets are now haunting me via contextual ads all over the interwebs. Now wherever I wander along the tubes of cyberspace there is the square toilet accompanying me on the journey.


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  1. I actually think it looks better than the normal ones! Perhaps because it doesn’t necessarily look like a toilet per se… 🙂

    (Off topic: could you guys maybe write a blog about your top-10 favorite/most used DIY tools? For example, I would like to buy an all-purpose saw for little projects but there are so many different kinds to choose from…!)

  2. It’s funny how it takes just one Google search and contextual ads for square toilets haunt you for the next year. I made the mistake of reading some random article about the vegetables that have the most fiber per serving, now occasionally I go somewhere on the Internet and strange websites seem to think I have a problem with constipation…

  3. HAHA!!! I think this must fulfill some deeply held lego fantasy from our youths! I can’t imagine it would be comfortable.

  4. These seem designed more for a fashion look than for comfort. I’d be bumping into those square corners…ouch!

    I picture these at clearance sales in a few years marked down from $1,000 to $50.

  5. The wall-mounted model has some sleek minimalist appeal, but the free-standing model just screams “Minecraft”.

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