Getting Started With Succulents Free eBook


We had a great time at the Museum of Natural History this past Friday along with the 200 people who lined up to plant succulents in thrift store mugs in our booth. Kelly wrote up a nice eBook, Getting Started With Succulents (note that it’s geared towards our climate in Los Angeles but there’s a lot of good general information on propagation). There’s even info on how to drill a hole in a ceramic cup or pot (when you drill 200 of them you get pretty good at it!). You can download the eBook here.

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  1. I have so many things that need holes drilled, but I am terrified to try it. Since I have about a dozen mugs and cups that are destined to leave my cabinets, maybe I will hold off for a while. And, I am looking at a succulent to divide–sedum joy.

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