009 Artificial Turf Wars and Fashion Disasters


On the ninth episode of the Root Simple podcast Kelly and Erik recap a post on artificial turf as well as our reaction to the frightening landscaping at one of our local utility’s distribution stations.

During the course of our artificial turf discussion we mention the amazing garden at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History which demonstrates how you can create a garden in a dry climate that welcomes wildlife and does not use grass. We also mention an organization in Petaluma, California called Daily Acts that has set a good example by creating turf-free gardens on municipal and private property. As examples of parks that are either turf-free or use turf strategically, we mention the High Line in New York City and Playa Vista Park in West Los Angeles.

Fashion on the Homestead


In the second part of the podcast we discuss the homesteading fashion conundrum inspired by a quote from dapper film director (and cat lover) Alexandro Jodorowsky.


Kelly talks about her strange uniform idea and I mention Johannes Itten’s uniform for the Bauhaus (that, during the podcast, I mistakenly attribute to Kazimir Malevich–oops!).


We also mention Soviet artist Alexander Rodchenko’s attempt at a uniform.

We close with a quote from David Lee Roth, “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how good you look.”

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  1. I enjoyed watching the little YouTube video that I found while clicking on the Daily Acts link in your Artificial Turf Wars post.
    Here’s the short video in case others might become motivated to get rid of their turf that gives very little for all the water it uses: http://youtu.be/FaloiM6suA8

  2. Really enjoy your podcasts! I feel like I am listening to old time radio! Love the banter between the two of you and you always give me something new to think about. As for Kelly’s “uniform” I have given it a lot of thought over the last 20 or so years and like the idea of loose trousers under a tunic with an apron over it all with lots of pockets everywhere. I was always impressed with Beatrice’s Wood’s Eastern Indian clothes. Comfortable and flowing. With a nice cotton/linen work apron that I could remove, I would be ready to ‘receive guests’ at the drop of a hat…LOL Looking nice should not be so difficult. And I agree about age…I used to look cute whatever I wore. Now I am trying to be more presentable and find a style all my own. At least we can make a statement! Maybe add a cowboy hat?! Good luck and GO FOR IT!

    • Thanks for the compliment! And Beatrice Wood reminds me a little of Georgia O’Keeffe. Neither of them took to sweatpants in old age. Good luck finding your inner style . . .

  3. On the topic of turf:

    In the Netherlands we get enough rain in order for grass (lawns) to grow, but some of the big soccer stadiums utilize artifical turf. Apparently it requires less maintenance than real grass? Soccer players complain though that they fall / get injured more readily on artificial turf

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