Saturday Linkages: A Close Shave, Building Codes and Protected Bike Lanes


Image: Garden Professor’s Blog.

Should you shave tree roots? …

Building Codes and the Self Built Mortgage Free Home 

Can These $20,000 Houses Save the American Dream

Nancy Luce and her chickens: …

Protected Bike Lanes Make the “Interested But Concerned” Feel Safer Biking … via @StreetsblogUSA

Why the Solar Roadways Project on Indiegogo is Really Silly – 

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  1. The story of Nancy Luce captivated me. Thanks for posting the link to it. I kept imagining a movie made inspired by her life.

  2. I have had this question for a long time : how do you deal with home insurance companies when you have a self built home to insure ? Or a rocket mass heater as primary heater system ?

    • An excellent question for which I don’t have an answer. I have a friend who is an insurance agent and I’ll ask her about this issue.

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