Saturday Linkages: Holiday Weekend Edition


Sailboat made with Home Depot buckets: …

Brick wall collapses to reveal giant beehive via @BoingBoing …

8 Takeaways From the Bike League’s Study of Cyclist Fatalities … via @StreetsblogUSA

Brandalism 2014: 40 street artists. 10 cities. 365 ad takeovers. 2 days.: 

What happened to the man who made canned rattlesnake? via @BoingBoing …

Animal First, Citizen Second: Talking Bodily Politic with Nance Klehm #occupy

Silver Lake sheep shot … via @TheEastsiderLA

Haitian Machete Fencing Is a Real Sport, and This Old Guy Is its Yoda …

Confessions of an Outlaw …

An Egg on the Floor | HenCam … via @terrygolson

What Farm-to-Table Got Wrong 

Always hungry? Here’s why  via @nytopinion

Granny & Shady Lady: When “craft” crosses the line …

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  1. Phew! When I read the “sheep shot” headline, it sounded like someone had killed a favorite neighborhood animal.

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