Picture Sundays: Cactus Barrier


I spotted this scene on my run. Not sure what’s going on here. A cactus giveaway? Evidence of our neighborhood’s infamous cactus thief?

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  1. A perverted statement to D.W.P.’s rate increase? LOL Sorry, I could not resist!

  2. Looks like some young drunk thought they found a san pedro cactus. Many yard ornamentals turn out to be psychoactive, guess it got too heavy. Also don’t think it’s san pedro.

  3. If it was in front of someone’s house I would say giveaway, whenever we pruned back our plumeria we would set them out on the curb, same with anything else that was easy to root. But also not denying the supposed san pedro finding. Youths do the stupidest things. Some kids were ringing our door for an apple (which I later found out could be used to smoke out of) and I overheard them talk about marijuana plants. I rushed out to make sure they didn’t steal anything to stupidly smoke. If they nabbed my very expensive ashitaba I would’ve been royally mad, though it probably would’ve been the healthiest thing they put in their bodies. ;P

  4. I also wonder if you filed a police report about the cacti? I know the police have better things to do than consider the plight of stolen flora, but they do plot the statistics of crimes in a given area which tend to be available to the public.mIf there was a ton of bike thefts for example, or numerous crimes of a particular nature they supposedly respond to/are on the alert for it.

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