Saturday Linkages: Grains, Collapse and Mangoes

A Silver Lake street library. Image: The Eastsider.

A Silver Lake street library. Image: The Eastsider.

A really well done free street library: New Little Free Library in Silver Lake seeks book donations …

What if Everything You Knew About Grains Was Wrong? 

Pot grow light interferes with HAM radio bands: …

Granjas urbanas ganan terreno en Los Ángeles

How sustainable is digital fabrication? …

Winners and losers at the garden show | Garden Rant …

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes and Mangoes in an Urban Jungle

Vietnamese swimmers ferry passengers across flooded rivers in plastic bags: …

Murder Machines: Why Cars Will Kill 30,000 Americans This Year …

Progress on My Figueroa: Institutions Drop Opposition to Protected Bikeways on Figueroa 

Using earthworms to process hazardous materials containing heavy metals … via @TLAJoanne

Interactive: Snake Oil Supplements? The scientific evidence for health supplements | Information Is Beautiful …

File under “Duh”:Science Compared Every Diet, and the Winner Is Real Food – James Hamblin – The Atlantic [email protected]

Growing Nyjer Thistle In North America: …

Interview with Joseph Tainter on Collapse

Judging the Merits of a Media-Hyped ‘Collapse’ Study – Collide-a-Scape | 

“The chief source of problems is solutions.” – Eric Sevareid

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  1. Sounds like earthworms could be the answer to your lead problem. And if carrots absorb the toxins from the soil then it seems like planting carrots and then composting them to attract the earthworms would be an easy answer. What is that saying about the correct solutions are often the easiest? Hummmm…just some thoughts.

  2. Sounds true enough. But although some of us will try to make a difference, man kind is set on a direct course for disaster. People just don’t realize; well some do. Also I have to confess that we even have 3 lonely light bulbs in our yard that shine at night. The problem is we can’t remove them because it involves safety. We live in a truly terrible neighborhood, and the light scares off at least some intruders.

    • As to collapse, I’ll have to write a blog post about it someday–I take a stoical approach–we just have to do the best we can. Speaking of which you don’t need to remove your light bulbs. You just need to choose a fixture that directs the light downwards (where it’s needed) rather than up.

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