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  1. I thought about you guys yesterday when I heard the weather for California on NPR. Extremely good news – unless you’re in a mudslide area.

    I know that I’d be lining up all the rain barrels I could find, the ‘making hay while the sun shines’ thing.

    If you decide to be out and about in the Root Simple-mobile, please drive carefully!

  2. Hope we get some of that! We had some good rain on Friday and some showers on Saturday which allowed me to get some planting done in between. But looks like that was the last of it for the high deserts. We sure could use some more! Especially with the water rates climbing.

  3. The rain has been great! My only complaint is the angle it’s been coming down at — it’s going past the roof overhang and missing my balcony garden completely. I feel so silly needing to water my veggie pots by hand while it’s pouring rain, but the pots aren’t getting a single drop of rain water!

  4. I admire your restraint! I live by the weather! It is all I talk about!! and today it is awful, but hopefully this is the last bitter cold we will see for this winter. And, I have heard that the unusually bitter cold will diminish the populations of invasive insect species, including japanese beetles. yay!!!!

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