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  1. Once again, the video did not work. It was 3:11 minutes but lasted only 0:11 minutes. Besides, that title is really creepy. What was this all about? Am I the only one who cannot see videos all the way through?

    • Thanks for pointing that out. It’s a mistake that comes about when copying the URL from youtube. Erik grabbed it at the end of the video instead of the beginning. I’ve just fixed it. In such cases, you can just rewind it and then watch the whole thing, or hit replay. But this one is fixed now.

    • Yes, the tree one, too. I did try to replay that one three times, but it still only played a few seconds. I have to leave a link to videos because I don’t know how to leave a video, so I have never had that problem. It is good to know the reason.

  2. Good to know on the Youtube intricacies.

    I loved this and shared it, but alas, do not have enough extra cash to help save Dan….

    • Yeah, youtube has this feature where you can choose where you want the video to start when you send someone a link, or post a video. You could skip over a boring intro, for instance. But if you ever note that a video isn’t starting at the beginning, just roll it back.

      Glad you liked it!

    • Agree. This is really in poor taste and quite stupid in my opinion. Why would anyone use something so evil as kidnapping and murder for a joke?

  3. I liked it. you can’t make everyone happy. It was obviously tongue in cheek!!!I ugh, can’t believe someone would think it’s in poor taste.

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