Saturday Linkages: Dig that Passive Solar Birdbath!


Passive solar birdbath. Image:

Passive solar birdbath:

A Veteran Gets Criminal Treatment and Censored over Chickens

Termite Ventilation – Natural Airconditioning 

Rhone Street Gardens: 2013…Looking Back

One-minute doc on a man’s love for thrifted sweaters – …

The Elderly in Modern Society 

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  1. Regarding “A Veteran Gets Criminal Treatment and Censored over Chickens,” I couldn’t get past the opening sentence “Leo Hendrick has earned the right to have his say about liberty.” The mind behind such a declaration is rotten. All people have a right to have their say about liberty.

  2. We had a number of solar bird baths back when we lived near Eagle Rock. None of them lasted very long. Using powered fountains now which just keep going and going until the pumps need to be back flushed.

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