Kelly’s Goals for 2014

surfing feline hypnotics via lolcats

I pondered whether or not to post my goals this year. On one hand its motivating to put yourself out in public, and on the other hand, it will be really embarrassing to have to admit next January that I did not meet my goals. But really, is failure an option? It is not! So what am I scared of?

The list is short and sweet:

1) I’m finally, finally, going to make my own shoes or moccasins. I’ve been stuck in the “research phase” too long and it is now time to destroy some perfectly good leather.  Sooner or later I’ll get it right. Also, a friend has asked if I’d make him a pair of moccasins, so now I have outside motivation, which really helps.

2) I’m going to solve this bed problem, by hook or crook, cash or craft. I will have some kind of new bed by April.

3)  I’m going to learn to surf. I can attempt this now because I have finally reached the age where I just don’t care if I look like a fool.

I realize surfing is very difficult, and I may never actually stand up on the board, but it doesn’t matter because I’m more interested in the process than the goal.

Getting ready to surf, as well as attempting it, will make me fit.  When it comes to fitness, I don’t find either health or vanity particular good motivators–health becomes a very abstract notion when I’m confronted with a cookie jar, and as far as vanity goes, I’m married and middle aged. Really, how worked up can I get on the subject?

But I do respond well to the fear of a) death (i.e. drowning) and b) humiliation (e.g. the pitying yet somehow unsurprised look in my surf instructor’s eyes as he–along with everyone else on the beach–watches me flail pathetically in the water, looking like a oddly leggy, chubby seal in my wetsuit.)

The last time I was super-fit was when Erik and I took the Sierra Club’s Wilderness Training Course. We had to climb many mountains and do challenging winter outings involving heavy backpacks and snow shoes. I trained hard for the climbs, in morbid fear  of collapsing midway up the mountain and having to be medivac’d out by helicopter. Paranoid, yes, but it worked like a charm. I had legs of iron.

I’m hoping surfing will do the same for me, fitness-wise, and if I do eventually manage to stand up on a board and ride a wave in, how cool would that be? Endlessly cool, that’s what. And if nothing else, I’ll get to spend lots of time in the water. The only way I can lose in this challenge is to not try at all.

Please continue to share your own goals and resolutions for 2014 in the comments!

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  1. Good for you!

    I’ve given up making my own New Year’s resolutions, because I’m automatically enlisted as cheerleader/nagger-in-chief in John’s efforts to keep his. Just can’t do both anymore, so my goal has become a clean garage, same as his. Maybe this year it’ll happen. Hahahahahahahahhahahaha.

    Further note: Can’t Stop Watching Cat On Skateboard.
    If only my cats were so talented.

    • Oh gosh — our garage is in crisis–I mean, call 911–we can hardly walk through it. It’s been supposedly at the top of our list for years now. But this year I’m resolving to not even think about it! I embrace the entropy.

      And yes, the cat is wicked. I think it’s the little head turn that locks one’s attention.

  2. Hooray for surfing! If you’re anything like me, you may find that the surfing itself isn’t exactly the world’s toughest workout (after the first few months anyway), but that it’s an excellent motivator.

    Being in shape for surfing makes my limited time in the ocean so much more fun that it entices me to stay fit during the times I can’t get to the beach. I joined a master’s swimming club (for paddling strength and endurance), I go to pilates and yoga for strength and flexibility, and have even been known to jog in the interest of aerobic fitness. (All things I would otherwise not do.)

    Next time we’re in each others’ ends of the state, we should go surf!

    • Yes, this! I was thinking exactly along the same lines. The surfing is the carrot for the workouts, not the workout. As a matter of fact, I just now came home from swimming laps. (takes a bow). I forgot about Masters. I should check that out. Thanks!

      And yes, it would be great to get together! There’s another incentive. I go up to SF pretty often, actually.

  3. Great goals! You’ll be able to stand up and catch waves if you keep at it. I learned to surf as a teenager, but both my parents learned in their late 40’s and you’ve probably got a jump on them in the fitness department. I love surfing (although I do get scared sometimes). It’s a workout for the body and soothing for the soul.

  4. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much and for so long as when I took a surfing lesson. I don’t know why but it made me so incredibly giddy. I spent hours in the water laughing like a small child. It was great and it was unexpected. that was actually the last time I went to the ocean years ago. The problem surfing in LA is that it is not a coastal city and the force field dividing east and west is so hard to get through. Good luck!!

    • Exactly. I decided to do this because last summer I was boogie boarding and being in the water made me so incredibly happy. Maybe it’s the negative ions? And I know what you mean about the distance to the water and the East/West psychic barrier. Daunting.

  5. I read about how having a strong core is helpful for balance…think that is the way it goes. So, doing exercises to strengthen your core might be the way to go. If I were going to strengthen my core, skating would be my sport. You are brave! I would never aspire to surf.

    About the garage–I have found that vowing to remove one thing going in or out of a room will get the job done eventually, as opposed to never having a marathon decluttering. You would be surprised the clutter I have removed that way. I got rid of 10 books a day for 80 days.

    • You’re right — the core is so important–not only for surfing, but for everything.

      And…you cleared out 800 books? That’s impressive!

  6. Kelly, Dustin and I can totally help you out with your surfing resolution. We both surf and have extra longboards. I’ve taught several people how to surf with little to no humiliation. Email me 🙂 Let’s make it happen!

  7. Surfing is MY goal too! I’m spending this year getting in shape for the challenge of learning to surf NEXT year. But my challenges are that I dislike the sun, the sand, I’m afraid of the ocean, and I’m not a strong swimmer. BUT I WILL SURF!!!

    If I could only find a coven of surfing vampires who specialize in towing people out to the surf zone on jet skis, I’d be fully set.

    • I’m no sun worshipper myself. If you find that coven, I’ll go halvsies with you on their night surfing services. Of course, their fees could be somewhat steep…

  8. RE: surfing- when I lived in Florida, I hung out with a bunch of lady surfers who were known collectively as The Sisters of the Sea because I desperately wanted to join them but couldn’t – anyway – they were all in pretty good shape and one woman was positively ripped- I mean guns for arms and a flat stomach, and all she did was surf. Of course, she surfed A LOT, but surfing is good for you.

    My sister who traveled to SoCal for business was taking surf lessons at Girl in the Curl in Dana Point, if that’s convenient and helpful. They have surf camps, too.

    Good luck!!

  9. Learning to surf! Thats so cool. In WA, people do surf, but you wont count me as one of them. Brrrr. My personal resolutions this year are to keep clearing more “fake” food out of our kitchen, read a book every two weeks out of the classic section in our library, make a dent in the yarn stash by knitting more hats, slippers, blankets to donate, and to garden within the limitations of living in an apt.

  10. You mentioned in the Age of Limits conference wrap up post that you had some thoughts about Gender roles, and sexism as we head into the Long Descent.
    Did that post ever get written? 🙂

  11. Thank you for your mattress links! We are in need of two replacement mattresses and I decided to go with the buckwheat hull kit at open your eyes bedding. I just ordered it and am excited to try it out! If it works I’ll be making a larger mattress later. (I”m in Anaheim if you want to come try it out!)

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