Erik’s 2014 New Years Resolutions


I’ve got a short and simple list of New Years resolutions this year:

  • Finish hardscaping the backyard and grow more vegetables. Steps have already been taken. Above is architectural genius John Zapf and our cat Trout helping with the plans. And it’s got to look good. Be prepared for some kind of geodesic raised bed folly.
  • Perfect my 100% whole grain sourdough breads using freshly milled flour. Write up some recipes and share my results.
  • Take a trip that involves a class or workshop. I’ve never regretted money spent on education (at least as an adult!).
  • Good health. I’ve figured out a simple if quirky equation. If I can fence I’m healthy. If I can’t I’ve got work to do. This pretentious niche sport just happens to combine flexibility, endurance, strategy and speed. This past year it forced me to confront and deal with knee problems. I plan on attempting a few tournaments in 2014.

What are your New Years Resolutions?

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  1. Happy New Year! I don’t think that fencing is pretentious at all. It’s beautiful to watch, and it’s like playing chess with your body. My son is on his high school fencing team (one of the few public schools to have a team) and the kids are the best, most individualistic people, and not at all snobby. Quite the inclusive and supportive group. Just saying…
    I also have a resolution to get in shape. I bought a horse last month, and it’s only fair to him that I be as balanced as possible when on his back. Anyway, it’s a lot more fun to ride when I’m not in pain, and being fit helps keep that it check.

    • I should have said something like “perceived as pretentious.” We have a great group of adults at my fencing club including a neighbor of mine–a great, very supportive group of people and it’s a fun workout. The kids are good too but, I have to say, they often spend too much time texting!

      Good luck with your health goals–wishing you a pain free new year. And have fun with the new horse too!

  2. Fencing pretentious? I hardly think so. If it keeps you healthy or striving for better health, it is well-worth participating.

    Okay, I saw the picture and knew it was not you because…well, then I figured out it was a guy with a cat down his shirt!

    Education is always worth the money and effort even if a person never works in the field studied.

    I have been patiently waiting for the video on making no knead bread.

    My resolutions are goals that revolve around my health, clutter, and growing more food and canning more.

    • De-cluttering is a goal of mine too. And good luck with all your activities and best wishes for a healthy new year.

  3. I particularly like your health equation – simple, but very effective. I also like your resolution around education. I have a lot of formal schooling, but I’d really like to start taking some more practical classes – I’m considering foraging, pottery, or archery.

    I tend to go overboard and put together a long list of goals, but it’s usually centered on a number of things that I already do but would like to get better at or more consistent about doing. This year, that comes down to quite a few health-related things, plus some goals around work, finances, self-reliance, and a few general well-being kind of things.

    • We took archery many years ago–lessons were free at the local club. It’s a fun and meditative activity. Good for the back too.

  4. Just a quick note to the Homegrowns to say “Thanks!” for all your efforts and to wish you and all of your readers good health, happiness, peace, and success this year.

    • Thank you! And the same to you — all our best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous new year!

  5. When you said “fencing” I totally thought you meant putting up fencing on your property! I couldn’t figure out what was so pretentious about hanging a fence. Hee hee. (We just finished doing some fencing so I guess that explains it.) In any case, enjoy your fencing no matter what type it is!

    • This is what it looks like. And the fencing club I go to fields lots of calls from people who want to fence their property. The coach then has to explain that they’ve got the wrong kind of business. He says some people don’t get it and get angry with him.

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