Picture Sundays: A High School Bike Rack in Los Angeles Circa 1937


Behold the very full bike rack at Marshall High School, which is close to where we live in Los Angeles. It looks like a train station in Amsterdam. Like the photo of airplane factory workers I posted last week, this photo is a reminder of how our streets have changed in the post WWII era. Make those streets safe once again for kids to walk and bike and we could really put a dent in obesity, diabetes and heart disease rates.

Photo via Jeff Jacobberger. 

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  1. Agree with you completely! And make it safe for pedestrians too. I take my life in my hands on these roads with no sidewalks. Drivers looks at you as though to say “What are YOU doing here?” as they speed past.

  2. Other than the sheer numbers of bikes being ridden to school in the picture, I am impressed by the fact that none of the bikes seem to be chained. They are all upright, not just slammed in and lying down like I see racks with four bikes.

  3. yup people weren’t douches and you could leave your rig unlocked you just had to remember which was yours. hahahah

  4. Interesting to see this picture. My mom was a student at Marshall when this was taken. wish she was still here so I could ask her if one of these bikes belonged to her.

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