Saturday Linkages: Goats in Sweaters, Evil Gardeners and Cooking in the Dishwasher


Goats in sweaters! …

Transparent Cabin Built of Wood and Mirrors in California Desert …

Evil, Frivolous Gardener!!! | Garden Rant …

No Queso-Dilla …

Is there norovirus where you are going? There’s an app for that

The sous vide of the suburbs: Cooking Thanksgiving in the dishwasher

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  1. From what I know of goats, I wonder why they don’t eat their clothing or the clothing of other goats.

    About the author of cooking in the dishwasher, his little bio said:

    “Through using new methods and messages, Ben hopes to compel folks from farm-to-fork to change food safety behavior and create a culture of food safety.”

    Has safety been a problem with this group?

    • That blog is written by university food safety folks. They have good points but also have an ax to grind that I don’t always agree with. That being said, when I’ve volunteered as a master food preserver, I’ve run into a lot of unsafe canning practices. And using a digital thermometer when cooking meat is a good idea, I think.

  2. I make those “quesa”dillas all the time, but I chop up some veggies to put inside (onion, carrot, pepper, zucchini). It is amazing with fresh salsa.

    Sweater goat is cute, but what happened to his poor horn?

  3. The goats! I’m dying! Best thing on the internet I’ve seen this month. Also, an inventive cheese-free quesadilla? Sign me up!

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