Shock the Worm


From the November 1932 issue of Modern Mechanix, an idea from an era when people were a lot more cavalier about electricity. Personally, I prefer the safer worm grunting method. Via Modern Mechanix.

Update: Reader Don pointed out the similarity of this idea to the plot of a 1970s horror movie in which a downed power line causes a upward migration of killer worms. Here’s the trailer:

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  1. Grunting…as a young man in Ohio, way back when, I would sink a spade fork into the soil as far as I could. Then grasp the handle, pull back and let go…the spade would vibrate, driving the worms to the surface( I had heard that the worms would feel the vibration and try to escape predators, i.e. moles, by going above ground), easier than digging and my mother appreciated the fact that I didn’t dig holes all over the lawn. Got plenty of bait that way. I think I learned that from either Outdoor Life or Sports Afield magazine

  2. I’m sure no worms were harmed during the making of that movie, however, I’m sure some acting careers were!!

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