Sunday Videos: Welcome to HaFoSaFo

Hafosafo Chorus & by Jessica Cowley and Bennett Williamson from machine project on Vimeo.

Our neighborhood’s icon is this rotating podiatrist’s sign depicting a happy foot on one side and a sad foot on the other (we call our charming ‘hood HaFoSaFo after the sign). It looks like we have the beginnings of an annual ritual.

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  1. That gave me chills. I can imagine a group of ancient people, honoring the moon on dark nights with only the twinkle of stars and primitive instruments for vocalizing, hoping for protection and guidance. Oooops! Are we talking about an infant religion?

    The twinkle of surrounding signs, the face (not one but two), a chorus of voices wishing the best for themselves via the power they place in the image above them–all seems “natural” to me. It makes me happy to see a tradition in its infancy.

    I feel like making a pilgrimage to be in the company of the ever-moving sign and the devoted worshippers. If it raises my spirit then it must be good for me, being so all powerful. if it inspires me, I should join in for the benefits and a perpetual high.

    The accompanying lower signs seem content to not have their own devotees. The daytime people give no evidence of any knowledge of the night time rituals. What secrets do the nighttime people share with the daytime people? Maybe they are the same people, just dispersed and subdued, having left their night trappings at home.

    Have you read “Young Goodman Brown?”

  2. Hmmm, after the first viewing, I thought there were daytime shots, but just periphery shots still counts for my comment. See, I get to make up the rules for my comment…lol…wrongly directed comment.

  3. Let me say that as a former L.A. city resident that if you ever move some place else, I guarantee that you will miss the energy that LA has. There is no place else quite as crazy and energetic and full of individualism as L.A.!

  4. Really enjoy your and your wife’s posts. Do you know of a similar blog in Northern California, as I would really like to attend similar classes that you talk about. Thanks.

    • Oh, there’s lots of this stuff up North. I don’t know where you live, but for classes you might want to check out The Urban Homestead Institute in Oakland or Daily Acts in Petaluma.

      My brain is a little fried right now because I just taught for 4 straight hours so I can’t think of a specifically NorCal blog off the top of my head. Help! Any readers out there blogging from Northern California/have a favorite regional blog?

  5. Thanks, I’m in Santa Clara county, near Stanford university,so Oakland and Petaluma are a little far. Thanks for the reply. If you do know of any others, please let me know.

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