Saturday Linkages: Loving LA and Gardening


R U pine nuts? …

Mulch Addiction …

Intermingling and the Aesthetics of Ecology …

Heritage Agri-tourism as a Strategy for Promoting the Recovery of Heirloom Vegetables, Grains, Fruits 

Tiny Gardens in Greenwich Village by Susan Harris …

I love LA
Christopher Nyerges loves LA: …

10 Things To Get Over About Los Angeles And 10 Things It Will Teach You To Love …

Los Angeles: A History of the Future: …

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  1. Very interesting selection of articles this week.

    To the author of “10 Things to Get Over about Los Angeles” who claims that nobody likes shoveling snow: I do. We have a long, wide drive up to the house and another behind the house and I actually enjoy shoveling them. I used to hate it, but then I thought of all the terrific exercise I was getting during a season in which the only other heart-rate-raising activity is bringing in wood for the stove. A good, snowy winter and my upper arms are all ready for garden work in the spring.

    On a totally unrelated topic, Thursday’s “Fresh Air” on NPR featured an interview with John Bradshaw, author of “Cat Sense” discussing the mysteries of cat behavior. Extremely interesting. If anyone would like to listen, here’s where you can find it:

  2. People try to make me feel guilty for not mulching around ornamental plants, as though I am abusing them. Maybe I am doing something right.

    Besides, I hate the look of mulch. I hate the look of rows of flowers. Nothing in nature is in rows. But, my yard is probably too wild.

  3. I have nothing for or against Los Angeles, but I will pass on trying it out. I live in NJ. Why would I want to live in wonderful year round weather when I can experience Northeasters, Hurricane Sandy or any other number of hurricanes, hefty doses of humidity with mosquitoes, snow or freezing rain in the winter, having my gas pumped for me at no extra charge, and expensive taxes. NJ begs the question, “Just what **is** legal in the state?” I could go on and on about other great things here, but I don’t wish to make you jealous.

    • AND you get to drive on scenic Route 22 North! And Route 287!
      And Route 1 around New Brunswick!
      What more could anyone want?

      I used to live in NJ.

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