The Organic Minefield: How organic are your organic eggs, soy and dairy?

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I wish the label “organic” meant all that I mean when I use the term, but unfortunately organic is not a a guarantee of sustainable agricultural practice, much less humane treatment of livestock.

The Cornucopia Institute promotes sustainable organic agriculture and family farms, and helps consumers parse the difference between greenwashed and genuine organic farms and suppliers.

They release quick reference charts on various subjects, as well as reports which get into food issues in detail. But the main reason I’m posting this is because they produce useful quick reference charts for brand names and stores. I’ve just found their dairy chart, and wanted to share it with you, and thought I’d share some others as well while I was at it. We’ve posted about the eggs score card before, but it is important enough for a repeat. Check it out:

Organic Dairy Scorecard

Organic Egg Scorecard

OrganicĀ  Soy Product Scorecard

Organic Cereal Scorecard

Note: Links to scoring criteria are at the top of all the scorecards, with the exception of the dairy scorecard. In that case it is located at the very bottom.

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  1. Love the photo! My Ameracauna makes that face when she’s begging.

    I couldn’t find the article, but for people who want organic because of GMOs, I seem to remember reading that there is a lot of cross contamination between GMO and organic crops, especially during pollination and transportation.

    • Yep, our Ameracuana is a shameless beggar. I’m sure she was hoping the camera would dispense treats.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I’m often in the store, looking at labels, and trying to sort marketing from actual info . . . I started reading the dairy chart and it looks great!

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