Picture Sunday: Amazon’s “Rasta Imposta” Squirrel Costume

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If I get one of these and run around the yard would squirrels be so confused that they’d leave my fruit trees alone?

From the Amazon reviews:

it even comes with nuts
By squirrelman
When I first saw this squirrel costume, I went a little nuts (pun intended 🙂 ). I starting buying one for everyone I knew. My wife, kids, lawyer, dentist, family practitioner, our local barista, and even my boss. Needless to say, we all suited up for halloween and went out as a dray (for those of you not as into squirrels as I am, a dray is what a group is called!)

It was the most amazing time ever. Almost everyone said that our costumes were the bomb. Well everyone except Ted. That guy’s a real jerk!


Not well made
By Jaime
Got this product for Halloween…. Wore it out and blowing up the tail alone took over 30 minutes of continuous blowing. Got light headed and had to take multiple breaks in fear of passing out. The back velcro holding it together was super cheap and didn’t stick or hold well. The hat/hood/top/head was very difficult and continuously slid down over my eyes throughout the night and I was quite annoyed. The nuts….. well just throw those in the trash because they stick to your hands for about 1 minute and fall off, and no one wants to hold nuts all night. I would recommend you get a different squirrel suit elsewhere and not this one.

And what exactly makes this squirrel costume “rasta?”

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  1. Seriously thinking of a costume like this for Halloween to wear. When the ungrateful/grabby Trick-or-Treaters come to my door (you know, the ones who are 16 years old and grab a handful of candy from the bowl), I’ll offer them……….acorns!

    • We get a lot of those older trick-or-treaters, too. I have two piles of loot: the good stuff for the little kids who have real costumes and the cheap stuff for the older kids who couldn’t be bothered changing out of whatever they wore all day. I’m hoping that they’ll eventually get the message and stop showing up.

  2. So, exactly what about the squirrel costume makes it “rasta?” No one answered that. I don’t get that part. How can you stretch that meaning so far? Well, not you, but whoever.

  3. Sorry to de-mystify, but Rasta Imposta is the company that sells the costume.

    Or, if you would prefer this tall tale…

    Rastafarian founder Haile Selassie often told parables in which squirrels were the central player. As a Rastafarian, if you were to have an experience that paralleled one of Selassie’s parables, you would be referred to as a “Rasta Imposta,” or sometimes as a “Wiley Haile.”

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