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What do I use Pinterest for? To gather design ideas for home and garden. I just built this trellis to grow vegetables vertically. It’s part of a plan I have to deck over an ugly concrete patio. The inspiration for the trellis came in part from an image I pinned off the interwebs:


Not having a natural design sense, I gather images and synthesize them to come up with plans I can build. Google image search and Pinterest are great inspirational tools.

But I have not made good use of Pinterest’s social features. Towards that end, follow us on Pintrest and we’ll follow back. Let’s exchange ideas!

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  1. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas!I thought of using this same trellis for some of my vining plants, but I ended up using cattle panels instead, which we’re documenting on our own blog. Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration. I think your post may have inspired me to finally create a Pinterest account, thanks!

  2. Done 🙂

    I’m a comparative latecomer to Pinterest, but I love it. My youngest daughter insisted on searching Pinterest for ‘homemade rose perfume’ (ie water and rose petals stirred with a stick). I think I may have created a monster…

  3. I love Pinterest. I also struggle to bring all of the wonderful ideas found there into actual reality 😉 Does it stop me from pinning? Hell no! See ya there!

  4. Wow. Just wow. I’ve been looking at the boards of people who have followed Root Simple and I’m amazed. There’s a lot of very creative people who read this blog and I consider myself lucky to meet you all, if just over the interwebs. Lots of inspiration and good ideas out there. I especially love the person who has a board called “dooming and booming!”

  5. Beautful! Where did you get the nice bamboo and did you cut it with a hand saw? Please also explain how you lashed it all together. Thanks!

    • I cheated. I bought the bamboo at a local nursery–it was already cut to the perfect length for the project–8 feet. I improvised the lashing and pre-drilled and screwed the pieces together in addition to the lashing.

  6. Isn’t It amazing! I have found all kinds of Ideas on pintrest. From recipes to garden solutions. I don’t use the social part of it as much as I should either. I really just get lost in my own world cruising the pins.

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