Saturday Linkages: Sink Urinals!

Sink urinal from Latvian designer Kaspars Jursons.

Sink urinal from Latvian designer Kaspars Jursons.

Toronto Gardens: Idea File: Matt Gil’s garden works with the constr… …

Brace yourself: remove staking from trees! …

Metro rips out Phantom Planter’s flowers at Dupont Circle station:

Pee talk
Because guys need better ways to pee; sink-urinal saves water, encourages men to wash hands …

Adding fuel to the fire
The Exaggerated Benefits of Electric Cars …

Car Ownership May Be Down in the U.S., But It’s Soaring Globally …

Hollywood–blocking bike lanes yet again: …

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  1. Love the designer sink/urinals (I’m not a guy, but appreciate well-designed things), but where’s the soap? Maybe they left it out of the photo shoot?

  2. If guys are still poor with the aim, the sink will be nasty on the front. IF the guy decides to wash his hands, the front of his pants will get right into the wet front of the sink. I doubt that would encourage a guy to lean in and wash his hands after the first time he gets not only his pee but also the pee of others on him pants or a shirt. Okay, maybe if a porn short were playing only as water was used, some guys might wash. That would probably lead to excess water usage and lines at the sink. The pink sink should stay immaculate.

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