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  1. ‘The Screaming Knees’, is that the reunion tour for aging NW grunge bands? :^)

  2. Ahh….acoustic Metallica soundtrack….

    “For Whom the Knees Toll”

    Pretty nifty though. I wonder if there are any nature parkour utility kilt wearing aficionados. Me thinks not.

  3. My knees would not scream; they would merely refuse to move.

    Does parkour apply to the ever changing landscape that I traversed with much speed while maintaining momentum as I faced the challenging, ever-changing landscape of my home and yard as it was transformed every day by three children who needed to be chased, rescued, and untangled from their own attempts at going feral? After all, the back steps were not exactly all square when I went tearing down them after they had been transformed into a wild obstacle course by toys, clothing, and animals shortly before I needed to rescue someone from a tree or catch the mailman. Sometimes, I even needed to use my agility and speed to NOT step on a kid, mine or the neighbor’s kids. Successfully dodging dog poop without slowing down or losing footing should count.

    Yeah, I want to see the outtakes from that bit of film. Plus, how often did he stop and catch his breath only because the photographer had to get into position.

  4. Pretty amazing video but I would have to question how his knees will be in 20 years.

  5. on a more serious note, this is not for everywhere. nor is this experiencing nature, its just using nature. I just kept seeing all the moss, lichen, and leaves he was destroying. In some places, like here in AZ, that would be years worth of life gone in an instant!

  6. It IS cool to watch, but I kept anticipating the guy actually falling/missing a landing, etc. What does that say about me (?)–I don’t think I wanted him to fail, but it just seemed like he may be in a very small minority of people that can do what he does without serious injury. It might have been more real if the video did show him sometimes missing his landing spot.
    I did my own version of Pakour yesterday at McCormick’s Creek in Indiana, be it a slow motion version of moving in/out, up/down the boulders rimming the creek and in the creek without falling and having to focus 100% of my attention on where my next step was going to be, especially on wet/mossy rocks. I felt triumphant not falling once.

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  8. Only for gymnasts and acrobats. At least they have floor padding and safety nets. I wonder what the injury rate is for this sport compared to others.

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