Cast Iron Cookware Class at Winnetka Farms

cast iron cookware class poster

Our friends at Winnetka Farms are teaching a cast iron cookware class. I can’t say enough good things about cast iron–we ditched our Teflon years ago. Here’s the 411 on the class:

Cast Iron Cookware
How to use, maintain and restore.

We’ll start with a short history of cast iron cookware.

Techniques and use of cast iron
There will be cooking demonstrations (tastings) and discussion of the special techniques and uses of this timeless kitchen tool.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Very importantly the cleaning and maintenance of your cast iron cookware. While there are many theories regarding cleaning and maintaining cast Iron, I’ll discuss and demonstrate the system I adhere to after many years of experience.

Restoring cast iron
Either you found an old rusty pan in a thrift shop or after years of use your skillet needs more then a cleaning, you’ll learn how and what to do to restore that favorite piece in your collection.

If you have a problem piece of cast iron you can’t “fix,” bring it to class so I can make a recommendation to restore your item.

Thirty dollars per student to be paid upon arrival. Check or cash only. This class has a limit of 12 students. Light foods and beverages will be served.

Location and more info here.

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  1. Perhaps you could compile an e-book (at a discounted price!) for those of us who live across the country . . . I’d love to get all that information!

  2. We live in Granada Hills on a half acre. We are tired of watering lawns but when we plant vegetables the squirrels eat the plants to the ground, the gophers eat the roots and if the plant escapes those two things then the sun or heat kills it. We have a lot to learn and we’re looking for resources to learn from.

    • You should get in touch with the Winnetka Farm folks. I bet they’ll do a gardening class someday.

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