Looking for Chicken Coop Plans

John Zapf chicken run

Our chicken run–designed by John Zapf.

I got a note from Tricia Cornell, who is putting together a chicken coop plan book. There is a real need for this, so if you have a coop, consider sharing your design:


I’m a chicken owner in Minneapolis. I was wondering if you could help me spread the word. I’m looking for smart, good-looking chicken coops to feature in an upcoming book.

If you’re proud of your coop, send pictures to [email protected]. Please indicate whether you would be able to provide building plans. (I have a budget to compensate builders for their plans.) I do *not* need plans to go with all the pictures, so send your pics even without them.

Then I’ll be in touch if your coop meets our needs. Please feel free to share this message with any chicken-owners you know.

A little bit about me: I’m a writer and chicken owner living in Minnesota. I’m the author of Eat More Vegetables: A Guide to Making the Most of Your Seasonal Produce, The Minnesota Farmers Market Cookbook, and the Moon guides to Minnesota and the Twin Cities. This is my first chicken-related book.

Tricia Cornell

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  1. Damn, Erik, my coop is getting famous. Of course, I would love to put myself out there as coop designer extraordinaire as recommended by Chicken Magnates E&K Layers. Maybe I can jump start my architectural practice via the coop.

    • Maybe there’s a homestead project collaboration e-pub between Root Simple and ZAR . . .

    • Kim Akari… thank you! It’s really sweet of you to share our coop. It’s holding up well, and I feel lucky we could build it. I also think the basic tenets of our design, and material choices are applicable to small spaces, too.

  2. AWESOME!!!!!

    Too bad I do not have that much room or I’d build one for myself…

    Thank you for sharing!

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