All Hail Our Succulent Overlords


Nature made this. It’s growing in a pot on our front porch. I am in a state of wonder and amazement. It is so perfect in all its parts, so regal and confident, that I just want to kneel down before it and say “I am not worthy to be in your presence, 0 plant god. I am nothing but a flabby, destructive primate.”

I don’t know the name of this succulent– and I know someone is going to ask! Does anybody know the name of this plant? Below is a pic of the rosette from which this rare flower has sprung. It’s none too shabby, either, obviously. But I never expected it had such beautiful secrets hidden inside.

suc top copy

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  1. Well, nature and human hybridizers made it.

    It’s a hybrid Echeveria of some kind. There are millions of them, so it’s likely impossible to definitely, 100%, be certain about the cultivar, but you could start looking here.

  2. I know nothing about succulents. … but I have half a ton of them because nothing else can withstand a concrete patio in the relentless sun of a San Fernando Valley summer.

    When they flower like that is it indicating the coming demise of the plant? Like an agave, that is. So, if you want to preserve the relative size and shape of your original plant, do you let it go to flower or pinch them off?

  3. Oh, I love planting succulents, too! I recently found some that flower out really well, stay low to the ground and act as a kind of lightweight steppable. Bright pink flowers and it attracts- get ready: hummingbirds, butterfly’s, bees and ladybugs.

    Man, I wish I was home so I could go find the name of that plant. It’s amazing. I plant them among my edibles where I don’t want weeds to spring up. Works like a charm. Not as dramatic as your porch beauty, but still radtastic in it’s own right.

  4. My friend Art, who is a succulent expert, says that is an Echeveria shaviana in the middle, and the smaller companion ground over is Sedum rubrotinctum.

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