Picture Sundays: Cactus Candy Box

cactus candy box

There should be a rule that if you have a cool old package design you should have to keep it. Thank you Cactus Candy Company for not hiring a new graphic designer.

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  1. It may be perfect for cactus candy but it looks surprisingly dated even for 1969. ;>

  2. Such a happy cactus! I’d buy a box of cactus candy that looked like that.
    I really like old packaging and even old advertising. Contemporary print advertising so often seems to be screaming at us; 19th and early 20th century strikes me as almost a modest understatement in comparison, even when it is making outrageous claims. (This admiration does not extend to the odious racist and sexist advertising that was too common in the past.) I also find the modern drive for tie-ins with movies and television programs especially offensive and John and I make a point of not buying any such product so as not to encourage the perpetrators.

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