Root Simple Media Frenzy: Bees, Chickens and Road Kill


Rob McFarland of Honey Love on KPFK.

I was on KPFK this week along with Rob McFarland from HoneyLove (a great organization that is helping legalize beekeeping in Los Angeles among many other projects). We were on to talk about why bees are dying off in the Central Valley and about keeping chickens in the city. You can listen to the interview here. I really enjoyed being on this show–we all sat around talking for an hour after the taping.

I was also on an internet news show called The Point chatting about eating road kill (something I know nothing about) and Ed Begley Jr’s reality TV show (guess I burned that bridge). You can watch this show here.

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  1. This was great! For me eating roadkill has nothing to do with how the animal died. It is about the taste. I am too fond of beef and chicken and pork. Thanks to my father, I have had access to other meats and do not like any of them. I know–my problem. I am anxious to taste bison. I missed Criminal Minds to watch the show. Nope, not giving up the TV.

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