Picture Sundays: Separating Sack of Sack

seperating sack of sack

For separating your sack from another sack? Or something to do with fish?

Thanks to Joseph Shuldiner for separating this sack of sack from all the other items in our local Asian supermarket.

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  1. According to a Chinese friend, it is similar to a muslin bag: used to hold things that flavour soup and stews like ginseng, cinnamon quills, etc… and sacks, of course!

  2. When my kids were small, we bought a small toy for them at some fair we were all attending. Made in Taiwan, it was a plastic dart board featuring plastic “pins” protruding from the surface which would snag the balls that children threw at it. I still have the plastic package. The dart board is long gone.


    Dart game – for youth and adults
    No dangerous needle points
    -This is a truly thrilling game of competition and excitements
    -Hang the target on the wall about the height of yours
    -Shooting distance over 6 feet
    -The Harmless dart game can also provide blood circulation while person stand barely on top of the surface of the board

    (The drawing shows a person standing barefoot on the board. Perhaps also barely.)

  3. So far we have “filter bag”, which explains “separtaing” and the first “sack”. I bet there was an intent to specify what it’s made out of…looks like it’s made of sacking, which would be a reasonable thing to make a separating sack of.

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