Picture Sundays: 100 Square Foot Off-Grid House

100 square foot off grid house

This tiny wonder is made by Sensible Structures. Link via Homesteading/Survivalism.

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  1. Interesting, but could really use larger pictures (for my old eyes) and captions as I couldn’t figure out which pic is the loft area. Please, give more info! Please

  2. I could see where this would be practical if you are living in an area where space is at a premium – but why would I want to confine myself to such a small space if I own 1+ acres? What am I missing here?

  3. Hey I was just looking at this house. I emailed the company but haven’t gotten a response. I’m single no pets no children. My goal is to build a much larger cabin however I wanted something that was my very own and I could build w/o breaking the bank. My goal is to live in this save all my money to build my log home. I found some free house plans online forwarded them to Loews got an estimate on how much it would cost….less than 4k for materials. I won’t be completely off grid in fact I’m going to purchase the land build my tiny house and then step by step build my cabin all debt free. Love this tiny house.

    • A small trailer might be cheaper–don’t know if you’ve considered that as an option while you build a larger house.

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