Toilet Paper Roll Tower for Cats


Photo: FourWhitePaws

At the risk of turning into one of those people who does nothing but post cute cat pictures to Facebook–oh wait a second, I’m already that person–here’s a tip from a friend Christine on how to keep cats busy with toilet paper rolls.

Christine sent me a link to the FourWhitePaws blog on making a toilet paper tower that you put treats in. She also sent a link to a stock photo service that is, oddly, selling a photo of a slightly more aestheticized version of this idea.

Looks like many hours of entertainment for our feline friends. And to think I’m a former doberman owner . . . what has happened?

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  1. I like this idea and I’ve got plenty of empty toilet paper rolls on hand, because Charlotte’s favorite activity is unrolling the toilet paper in the bathroom. I’ll get right on it. Even if the cats disassemble it right away I’m not out any cash and that’s a nice feeling.

    Don’t feel too badly about being owned by your cat. Worse things can happen. We modern humans do these things, of course, because cats are at the very tippy-top of the pet pyramid and we are compelled to be at their service.

  2. I usually save my TP rolls to put seedlings in (protects them from cutworms). It would be fun to make one of these for Neighbor Kitty. Wouldn’t he be surprised later if he found TP rolls in the backyard full of dirt instead of treats!

  3. It would cost me less to buy all that toilet paper than to buy the image of the toilet paper tube pyramid. Plus then I’d have the paper on the rolls for the kitties to shred. Win-Win-Win.

  4. This is perfect! Definitely going to make this when I have enough toilet paper rolls.

    I was referred to this blog by the video about you two on Upworthy. I’m really amazed by how you are returning to a self-sustainable *cough* excuse me, a self-reliant lifestyle. I was planning on learning about gardening for when I have my own home. Now I have a great information AND ideas source. Thank you. This blog is forever in my toolbar.

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