Picture Sundays: I’m One Taco Short of a Combination Platter

It’s a huge non sequitur, but today’s impending Superbowl made me think of the gatefold for the ZZ Top album Tres Hombres. Perhaps it was the publicity person who wanted me to promote a birria meat stew concocted by a celebrity chef (and celebrity flag football participant–who knew there was such a thing?) in conjunction with the Superbowl. Or maybe I’m having a Proust moment, except with nachos instead of madeleines.

So what are Root Simple readers doing on Superbowl Sunday? Watching the game or starting a crock of sauerkraut? Or topping nachos with sauerkraut?

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  1. Today I’m doing the usual – housework, some cooking (probably lentil soup, maybe a chickpea dish for later this week), goofing around with computer games for a bit. Probably riding my bike over to the bank later.

    Super Bowl… um, that’s that game with the ball, yes?

  2. More like a great non sequitur.

    super bowl day + you’re a one-time ZZ Top fan? + x = live morning inquiry about the meaning of a Sunday on one of Sunday’s many controversial practices (among other things… i mean, how does one really determine x in that kind of equation?)

    I haven’t planned anything for my super-day, which is why I am already 30 minutes into this heady, cymbal walk. Last year I met my family at mom’s house, and ribbed a brother for his most excellent sport savvy. I love Matt, and admire his deft analysis of feetferballs, even though I don’t follow–too slow in the head for names and dates. I assume I will do something similar today (texting a self-invite now), for family.

    So are you really one taco short? Most definitely likely, but not because you don’t want to taco up with some masses within the masses. Competition is one of the most confusing concepts in the world, keeping war alive in our hearts, while still saving lives. Please life, enough with the paradoxes. We all want to be part of something, but you’re so two sided…

    In a few enduring words of a debateably-shunnable Suicidal Tendencies, “What are you trying to say, I’m crazy?…So how can you say I’m crazy?”

  3. I am staying as far from the sounds and sights of the Superbowl as I possibly can. I am going to cook two meals for tomorrow–soup and maybe a meatloaf. The soup will go home with someone else.

    This afternoon, I have been sorting things and emptying the dishwasher.

    Right this minute, I am going to Walmart to buy graph paper.

    Tonight, as I cook and reload the dishwasher, I hope I can find Criminal Minds on TV. Plus, I will get ready for a secret shopper job tomorrow, reading the instructions online and gathering material I need.

    Maybe NBC will not delay the news and weather report.

    My goal today while I am accomplishing things is to avoid sights or sounds of the game.

  4. I’m not a sports watcher, so it will be like any other sunday – mandatory attendance at the church of home improvement. Today’s sermon is on painting hallways and the proper strapping of electrical conduit. Sunday school for the kids will be about chicken coop cleanliness, which is of course next to godliness. I don’t actually have any kids, but I sure wish I did on coop cleanout days.

  5. My husband and son will be watching (first time in years, but since CA is in the mix, they’re interested), I will be reading “Cloud Atlas” or scanning seed catalogs. I’m amazed how the SuperBowl has practically turned into a holiday; nowadays people ask what you’re doing SuperBowl Sunday the same way they used to ask what you were doing for Christmas.

  6. I’m not really interested, but will watch a bit for the commercials. I have horses and horse friends on facebook have already shared a Budweiser commercial with a clydesdale, which made all us middle age women with horses cry. I will be watching Downton Abbey and maybe a little of the Puppy Bowl for its adorable factor.

  7. A little light re-wiring – a new circuit so Lyanda can have an aquarium in her study, then walking in the park, and most importantly, watching Downton Abbey! I was pretty tempted to do my one annual ski day, the slopes will be empty.

  8. Started leek and onion seeds! Also doing the weekly house cleaning before turning the game on for background noise until Downton.

  9. For days there have been sirens, helicopters, planes, blimps and crowds of pedestrians and cars but now, outside, it is eerily quiet. I’ll admit I’m grateful friends got paying gigs and the hotels have 100% occupancy and restaurants are full, but couldn’t they just leave money in a bucket at the edge of the French Quarter? I made Thai curry spice paste, and now have shrimp marinating in a sauce made with it, along with a peanut sauce. The rice will be ready in another half hour and we’ll enjoy the peace, finally, in our city – until the game ends and the crowds heave from the dome.

  10. I would hope that readers of this blog would have more sense than to be enraptured by professional sports.

  11. Here’s another vote for Downton Abbey.

    The husband and the three adult sons will crowd around the other TV to “watch” the Super Bowl which in our house involves a good deal of eating and very little watching. Not one of them knows which teams will be playing. Since they wat

    • (Sorry about the abrupt end there. Must have bumped something)

      Anyway, since they do not watch any sports events any other time of the year, I suppose they need to prove their manliness by participating in this most American of national holidays.

  12. My partner cycled over to a friend’s for a game-watching party; he’s from the UK and has no interest in American football, but cycling, friends, and junk food are a pretty good combination. I stayed home and studied for an exam later this week.

  13. Ha Ha! I went out and bought cabbage for sauerkraut today (before reading this post)–must be a reaction to the nachos I gorged on yesterday!

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