Picture Sundays: Bike Rim Dome

A trellis made out of bicycle wheels.

Bike wheel trellis via Homesteading/Survivalism.

While it wouldn’t work with kids that like to climb, this is a nice use of bike rims. I could see it as a dome over another structure.

No idea where this picture came from–it’s gone viral in homesteading circles–if you know, leave a comment.

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  1. Sorry, no idea where it came from, but would love it in my garden! A mix of runner beans and squash plants is such a good idea to cover it.

    • Actually, I think I may have found it: http://spokenchain.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/bicycle-wheel-dome.html

      I didn’t think the house(s) in the background looked American and at first I thought it might be in an ecovillage I read about in Denmark, but it seems to be part of a project by a group based in the West Country in England.
      Makes a change from the ubiquitous (if lovely) living willow domes most schools seem to have now!

  2. What child does not like to climb? Maybe this is more sound than it appears.

    Food for the soul would be perfect for climbing this–roses with thorns to protect the children from climbing. I picture one huge mound of pink or yellow roses.

    • Every bike repair co-op I know is overrun with hundreds of rusted, unusable bike parts. That’s where I would suggest looking.

  3. I was picturing it with strawberries and runner beans. You could always change the size of the dome by using more or fewer rims. Fortunately for me, I live in the bike capital of the US (well, it sure feels that way sometimes!). I could probably hit up the shops in the area and post requests to freecycle & craigslist to come up with enough rims. The bigger trick would be coming up with enough yard to put it in!

  4. I looked at that and decided math soldering or metal connections would be involved. As I looked at it closely, I could see it was not as symmetrically built as I thought. The shape is the thing, not the number of rims. The rims are of different sizes! Then, I went to spokenwheel. The whole thing is put together with zip ties. I know now that I could do this.

    Another thought would be to make a wall of rims for running flowers, fruits, or vegetables. I envision sight barriers. There are bikes in the garbage all the time around here, just waiting for the garbage pickup.

    This is such a good idea.

  5. Homesteading Survivalism Facebook page makes a habit of taking pictures and not crediting where they come from. They also scan other smaller Facebook pages and steal their material rarely doing their own research.
    I see that you post a lot of stuff from Homesteading Survivalism so I will not be back to your website.
    If you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. Maybe you should choose your friend more carefully.


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