Permaculturalist Paul Wheaton in Los Angeles

Institute for Urban Ecology Flyer

In honor of the upcoming SoCal Permaculture Convergence, the Institute for Urban Ecology is proud to be partnering with several Los Angeles based organizations to bring you this once-in-a-lifetime event. Come learn from some of LA’s leading urban ecology experts and from internationally recognized Permaculturalist Paul Wheaton.  To encourage everyone to come and learn, this event is ALMOST FREE!!!!  Sign up a big group and pay nearly nothing to attend.

Paul Wheaton of
No Coop, No Run Chicken Raising
Why spend the money to build a chicken coop and run, when you can have healthier, happier chickens without them?  Paul explains his super simple backyard chicken raising techniques. [Editor’s note: I know this idea sounds crazy, but read Wheaton’s lengthy explanation here].

1pm to 2pm Lunch provided by Oh Happy Days! Natural Foods & Cafe

Marco Barrantes of La Loma Development Co
Permaculture in the Big City
How does Permaculture apply to life in the concrete jungle?  Hear this Permaculture designer and entrepreneur speak about healing our cities, creating jobs, and transforming LA’s food culture.

Darren Butler of
3:30pm to 5pm
Systems Gardening
Does gardening have to be such hard work? Learn how to work with Nature’s systems to make your garden easier to manage and more productive than ever before.

Paul Wheaton on Irrigation Free Gardening at Armory Center for the Arts
6pm to 8pm  
Paul will discuss Permaculture strategies to eliminate the need for irrigation in our gardens.  An especially relevant talk given our climate here in Southern California.

Sunday, March 3rd
10am to 8pm


Daytime Events
@Institute of Urban Ecology
3896 N Fair Oaks Avenue,
Altadena , CA

Evening Paul Wheaton Lecture
@Armory Center for Arts
145 N Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103

Registration (click here to register)
$5 for 1st ticket
$1 each add’tl ticket

Sponsoring Organizations
Institute of Urban Ecology
RIPE Altadena
La Loma Development
Oh Happy Days Natural Foods Market
Whole Foods Market, Pasadena
Whittier Backyard Farms
Arroyo SECO Network of Time Banks
Root Simple

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  1. I am a great fan of Paul Wheaton. Last year, I read the article in the link. It seems I have been raising chickens right all this time. I also taught my hens not to leave the yard. I don’t have paddocks, but my hens usually get 12 or so hours in the yard. My yard has not been harmed by them. I could afford the ticket, but I wonder if this event would justify a plane ticket from Alabama.

    My hens never get chicken food!

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