Picture Sundays: Unique Cadillac Cargo Carrier

Spotted in the posh HaFoSaFo district of Los Angeles, a re-purposed pickup truck shell serving as a cargo carrier.

And since it’s so spectacular–here’s another view. A note about the house in the background: if an object stands motionless for long enough in this city it will get stuccoed. The Cadillac? It too will have a layer of matching beige/orange stucco within a year or so. Then house flippers will buy them both and rehab the interiors to look like something out of Dwell Magazine by way of Home Depot.

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  1. My two favorite things about stucco are, one, that it makes prior water and termite damage invisible, and two, that it looks fabulous!

  2. Hysterical. That is totally something that would pop up in my neighborhood. In fact, I’m shocked that it hasn’t yet!

  3. I’m wondering why I haven’t seen any of our local rednecks with something like this. With a gun rack on it, of course.

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