Happy Mayan Apocalypse!

OK, so why are the folks in front having a good time?

If you’re reading this post the Mayan apocalypse did not happen. Either that or I’m blogging via a HAM link from the Root Simple bug out location. So what is the official party line here at Root Simple on the whole 2012 deal?

I’m hoping the uneventful passing of this day will mark a peak in interest in apocalyptic scenarios. While I could opinionate about the Apocalypse meme, as John Michael Greer calls doomsday thinking, I think it would be best just to quote Greer from his book Apocalypse Not:

there’s at least a chance that the upcoming failure of the 2012 prophecy might encourage people to take a hard and skeptical look at the apocalypse meme itself, to recognize that longing for the annihilation of most of humanity has no place in an authentic spirituality, and accept that our happiness as human beings depends on how we choose to live our lives here and now, in this beautiful world on which we each dance for so brief and precious a time.

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  1. All those folks have smiles on their faces because it’s the winter solstice…they know that from here on out, the days start getting longer. They’re turning toward the light!

    Actually, here, the day length kinda “hangs” for about a week, going back and forth from 8 hours, 59 min. to 9 hours. But just knowing we’ve turned that corner lifts my spirits. In early March the days will be long enough for the stuff in my cold frame to start growing again. By the time we get to late March/early April, psychologically, it feels like we’ve emerged from a long dark tunnel.

  2. Whole heartedly agree with you. We need to stop thinking it doesn’t matter what we do to this earth because it is all going to end with….(take your pick). That’s just an excuse to not do anything to correct problems and change our own lives. Personally I want to make my surroundings as peaceful and as paradise-like as possible so that is my long term goal. And how we treat our children, elderly, disabled, animals and land is a reflection on how advanced we are as humans. Let’s hope we now see what all this nonsense is about, stop being fearful, and work towards a better world.

  3. I wouldn’t bet on the “upcoming failure of the 2012 prophecy” changing anyone’s minds. The previous umpteen “prophecy failures” haven’t seem to make a dent in doomsday thinking.

    Also, where is this picture from? I’m thinking either the cover of an edition of Awake! or a piece from one of the Left Behind graphic novels.

    • I believe it’s a Jehovah’s Witness image. And you’re probably right. The Apocalypse meme is a strong one.

    • It is a picture from one of the older books of Jehovah’s witnesses… as to why they are smiling… even though everybody else is worrisome and in terror over the End of this system of things, Jehovah’s witnesses have long awaited this day… and they look forward to what happiness awaits them in gods new System 😀

      We try to stay positive though many people do not believe in the end

      Have a nice day.
      A Danish Jehovah’s Witness

  4. those people are smiling because the Mayans received a hefty cut of all the cash that came in from the various 2012 apocalypse bunker, movie, book and documentary sales and now, finally, the West has paid its reparations to Mayans…

  5. End-of-the-world scenarios are for quitters who don’t want to really commit to making this world, which we CAN count on, a better place for everyone. They essentially want to believe that all the bad things that happen are someone else’s fault, and there’s nothing they can do. It’s a cop out that lets them behave just as badly as everyone else, instead of growing up and acting responsibly for a change.
    Sorry – spoken like a true 20+ year survivor of a retail career. Happy holidays everyone, and I hope the next prophesy is just as entertaining and pointless as this one. Now I’m going to go do something constructive.

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