Saturday Linkages: Will Your Next House Be Built With Mushrooms?

Fast Fungi Bricks via Dornob

What I am reading from the Los Angeles Public Library: Organic Olives  

Garden planter turns out to be Roman antique: 

North House Folk School 

HOWTO make a sandwich caddy out of a milk jug: 

Tegaderm 3M product for applying dressing over bleeding injury: 

How to Tell Time Like a Soldier | The Art of Manliness  

DesignFast Fungi Bricks: Mushroom Blocks Better than Concrete?! | Designs & Ideas on Dornob 

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  1. It would be just my luck that my mushroom house would go wonky and start growing again. I can see it now in my worst nightmare where it grows all over me.

  2. Actually, a lot of leftover mushroom bricks are highly flammable when dry. At least wood lovers like the Reishi in the picture leave flammable bricks. That’s a rather misleading article. I’ve seem mushroom growers that burn the bricks in wood stoves because they burn so well (and what to do with that giant pile of blocks?) I think Stamets does this as well. Could be wrong.

  3. The problem I can see with using these bricks is that fungus likes to grow in/on it. Fungus and mold do not make for the best living environment for humans, no matter how tasty they might be. Believe me, you don’t want to live with them.

  4. I’m sorry J.L., but i have to disagree with you. While a lot of molds are terrible for your health, a lot of fungus and mycelium actually clean their environments of chemicals and pathogens. The common oyster muchroom can be used to remove coliform bacteria from pasture runoff and can also be used to break down crude oil in six weeks. That’s right, you could clean up an oil spill in six weeks. It’s a complete misnomer that fungus is bad for you, it’s actually quite essential to life.

  5. well, if you ever take a course up at North House, please let me know. I’d love to meet you up there and take a course together. I’ve enjoyed your blog since a long time ago when you were on The Survival Podcast

    • Hey Jake–it sound like an amazing place–but sadly a long ways from Los Angeles. And thanks for the compliment! Since being on the Survival Podcast I’ve listened to almost every episode and enjoy it very much.

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