Picture Sundays: Your Livestock Can Survive Fallout from Nuclear Attack

The US Department of Agriculture published this handy pamplett circa 1962. The USDA’s main recommendation? Get yourself a “two-story, basement-type barn with a hay-filled loft,  to “reduce radiation exposure [to your animals by] as much as 80 percent.”

Thanks to the interwebs you can download your own copy here.

And, something for the kids. There’s a film version–featuring marionettes!

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  1. I can’t believe there are no other comments on this…fabulous-but-horrifying short. And I can’t believe I never saw it used on MST3K.

    I really kind of want the marionettes in the film to survive underground for 100 generations, only to come out and find those who remained above mutated into Gumby people. Imagine! First contact between doomer puppets and Mr and Mrs Gumby!…


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